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Giving Finished Items an Extra Shine

What We Do

Precious Plating has a wide selection of precious metal finishes, such as 24 carat gold, rose gold, and white gold. We can plate most metals using our techniques to give them a high-end finish. Contact us today for an appointment.


Upgrades and Custom Works

Using our specialised carat gold plating techniques, we can customise and upgrade almost any accessories, including watch bezels and straps. We can also turn chrome into gold.

If you are too busy to travel, we can come to your location at your convenience. We service clients in and around Cheshire, England. So, if you wanting your car badge in 24 carat gold or your bathroom fixtures in rose gold, rest assured that you’ll get results that meet your expectations. 

Vehicle Customisation

Give your vehicle a unique look with our mobile gold plating service. We can plate over any chrome item in 24 carat gold.

Gold Plating Metal Items

Grab people’s attention wherever you go with eye-catching gold plated accessories. We provide our 24 carat gold plating service on various metal items, including mobile phone cases. We also work on bathroom fixtures and fittings.

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